The different types of chatbots and their uses

Mettez le contenu de votrToday, there is no longer any need to question the usefulness of chatbots for businesses. These are tools that impose themselves on them due to the multiple tasks they perform. All you need to do is integrate well-defined objectives and scope the scope in order to enjoy them pleasantly. However, many entrepreneurs do not know which chatbot to choose to effectively benefit from technological advances. But first, what are the different types of this equipment that exist and how to use them?

Basic chatbots

The first type of chatbot is the basic one. Considering their objective and their mode of operation, we distinguish two categories: textual interaction chatbots and conversational chatbots.

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Text interaction chatbots

They do not need artificial intelligence before functioning. Their operation is based on a command base. These chatbots are designed with questions defined in advance, in a pre-established menu of options. You can explore the best online chatbot platforms.

Certainly, they are the most basic, but that does not prevent them from being very useful. Using them is the best option if you want automation of common simple questions. Internet users often use it to obtain information about a brand or to find out the delivery times of a product.

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Conversational chatbots

The particularity of conversational chatbots is that they cannot function without the integration of artificial intelligence. Moreover, it is one of the best robots on the market. It is ideal for answering complex questions.

Their effectiveness results from the fact that they rely on artificial intelligence to satisfy customers. This association allows them to understand customer requests first before providing them with appropriate responses.

Chatbots adapted to your needs

The second type of chatbots includes those that are created based on consumer needs. At this stage, it must be emphasized that there are chatbots that do not intervene effectively in all areas. We must also distinguish two, namely: chatbots which support customers and those which interact with them.

Interaction chatbots

They take care of urgent customer needs. If a customer has a problem using a product, it is up to them to take care of it. If it is related to the delivery of an item, they are still competent. Whenever the customer needs immediate answers to a concern, they must contact the bot.

This makes customer relations better, because they will no longer have to endure the long waits imposed on them by customer service humans. They will demonstrate the dynamism and consideration that the company has for them. With such a chatbot, you are sure to retain your customers. Which is a real factor in increasing your turnover.

Support chatbots

Unlike bots that discuss their problems with customers in ordinary language, the chatbots that accompany them respond to them in an easy-to-understand tone. Its use is frequent in the fields of fashion and cosmetics. Many e-commerce and travel companies also make use of it.

Indeed, the specificity of this type of chatbot is that it supports customers in choosing products. To this end, the bot asks questions to the consumer. This behavior also allows him to nourish his intelligence. After a series of questions for which he obtains clear answers, he makes a personalized offer to the interlocutor. All he has to do is click on the product offered to him to go to the sales site.

Besides these chatbots, there are also those that play a marketing role. This robot does all the work for you. Indeed, it is designed with the ability to respond to emails. It encourages prospects to discover your website and purchase products there. These messages are of an advertising nature. Using this type of bot helps you increase your turnover.

They are very easy to use and do not require any special knowledge. With a computer or tablet, you can use the chatbot whose characteristics suit your needs.